from now on it will be you and i…

…and our ribbon in the sky

Lavender dresses, sparkling roses, aviator sunglasses, and one rambunctious nephew made for a divine wedding this past weekend for Jill and Sean Grennan.  I’ve never seen Jill smile so big.

too cool for school, Sean!

dance Braden!

I was honored to be a reader at the wedding and enjoyed a stuffing rehearsal dinner at Lino’s – our favorite Italian restaurant in Rockford.  The scattered rain showers on Saturday held off at the most important times – when the wedding party took their outdoor pictures. It was also a great chance to get my 6 favorite girls together: Tiffany (who flew in from South Carolina), Nadine (who is expecting her first baby with husband, Ian), the 3 pretty-in-purple bridesmaids Sara, Michelle and Stefanie, and of course the beautiful bride herself!

7 girlfriends

Everything went off without a hitch and the two newlyweds are off on their Mexican honeymoon! Check out some more photos from their wedding.


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