jack frost nipping at your nose

The holidays have come to an end, but the cold weather sure hasn’t. Time flew quicker than I had hoped. I had a relaxing time off of work and visits with my family, so for that I am thankful. I got to celebrate three Christmases after all! First, my sister flew in from New York and my dad flew in from Arizona – arriving within an hour of each other. It really was a Christmas miracle — Lisa’s flight was probably the only flight from NY that was NOT canceled that night, the 19th. Crazy blizzard that day, remember? So, luckily, that set us up for a pretty enjoyable visit. We did a little cooking, a little fish-seeing at Shedd Aquarium, a little wine tasting at Coopers Hawk, and a lot of lounging around. Oh, and my sister decided to copy my new haircut. So being the nice sister that I am, I took her to my hairstylist and voila! We look more like twins than we did before!

Next up was Christmas at my in-law’s where we enjoyed a yummy brunch with my favorite before-noon beverage – mimosas! Nanaa enjoyed her gifts – a bouncy toy and a new bed. Then we were off to visit with my Mom. My grandfather flew in from Florida hoping for a white Christmas, and he sure got his wish. The weather was probably the most stressful part of the holidays this year. But we made it safely to all of our destinations and back home to spend a quiet New Years in. Now, I just have to find the energy to put all my x-mas decorations away…

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