i survived that’s good enough for now

I am finally back with a long overdue post for my anxious readers! j/k. Now that we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year, here’s my first real post of 2009. Sheesh.

A lot of things contributed to my digital silence: school and homework (lots of it), a frizzled-out computer, and the general non-excitement that is Chicago in the winter. This is really the best you can hope for during the winter months—just surviving another one. My car seemed to handle the ice a bit better this year tho.

This birdy perched on my balcony was enjoying the winter about as much as I was.

This week was spring break and while it wasn’t very springy, I’ve had a week without night classes or homework—and it felt wonderful. The winter quarter consisted of 11 weeks of 3 classes a week with lots of assignments and group projects. But now I’m on the home stretch. Just 2 more classes and I’ll graduate in June with a shiny new piece of paper to hang on the wall.

Of course we chose this week to replace our old desktop computer with a new HP Elite. It’s taken the better part of 4 evenings to get the thing up and running. Now that it’s all done, I can finally breathe. For a minute. So here’s what’s been up for the last few months.

Back in December, we picked out bamboo flooring to replace our carpet and, after a lot of false starts, finally got it installed in mid-February. It looks gorg and really warms up the place. The hardest part (besides the wait) was relocating all of our furniture and books to other rooms. Because we were expecting installation in early Jan, our living room was pretty bare for over a month. Our bathtub became a catchall of picture frames and candles and our kitchen table became a library.


This was just half of Drew’s book collection.


Bamboo flooring

The finished product is well worth the effort.

In February, we had some extended family pay a visit to Chicago and we enjoyed a couple dinners out with them.

Oh yeah, and in the middle of all that, I turned a year older. We can gloss over this point real quickly.

Mah Birfday

mmmm cake

We finally planned a trip to Flagstaff, AZ to visit my dad in June. We’re looking forward to driving through Sedona, seeing the red rocks and the Grand Canyon. And, of course, getting lots of smooches from this guy.