everywhere you look, you only see red

I’d been waiting rather impatiently for June 10th to get here. I didn’t think it would. But somehow it did. That was the night of my last final of grad school. I rushed through it so I could get home to start packing for my trip to Arizona. And I squeezed in a quick celebratory drink. I strategically planned to fly out early the next morning, partly to celebrate my dad’s birthday, and partly to celebrate graduation. While DePaul grads were preparing for a long, boring commencement, I was on top of a mountain – literally! A better way to celebrate in my opinion!

We landed in Phoenix, meeting my sister and her boyfriend Branden who flew in from NY. My dad picked us up and we stopped at Badass BBQ Steakhouse for lunch. It was pretty badass. We headed up through Sedona and stopped at a few sights to take pictures. Then on to my dad’s house in Flagstaff.

The next morning we walked around the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It was bigger than I imagined.

Other stops of the trip included Walnut Canyon, Mt. Agassiz (Snowbowl), lava tubes, and Schultz Tank. The Flagstaff landscape was so diverse – there is no shortage of places to visit that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen (at least out here in the midwest.)

We also visited my dad’s work. Normally, that would be a pretty boring place to take guests, but my dad has a cool job. He’s working on a giant telescope for the Discovery Channel through the Lowell Observatory. We went up to the Lowell Campus at dusk and waited for it to get dark to go in one of their old giant telescopes to look a some star clusters. Then they brought out a smaller telescope to show us Saturn. Looking at stars through telescopes isn’t new to me, as it’s been a hobby of my dad’s for years. He built a telescope when we were kids that we would drag out to our patio in the summertime. Needless to say, my dad’s pretty happy out there and it’s cool to hear about the progress they are making.

See more pictures of my trip here


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