al fayed take me home, to the place where i belong…

Craven Cottage
By the river
Al Fayed
Take me home!

Our last morning in London brought us to Hyde Park for a leisurely stroll towards Prince Albert memorial and the Princess Diana memorial. There was a lot of activity going on the in the park – footy games, lots of runners, and a boot camp workout class.

Towards the west side of Hyde Park is Round Pond and Kensington Palace. Round Pond attracts lots of families, sailboat enthusiasts, and every kind of bird you could think of.

You could literally walk right up to these giant swans.

Kensington Gardens, next to the palace, are some of the most lush and colorful gardens I’ve ever seen.

Then it was off to the Fulham game! Drew’s soccer buddy has a friend who works for Fulham (our favorite English Premier League team) and was able to get us tickets and passes to McBride’s lounge. The game is the real reason why we planned this trip – we planned the entire agenda around this game. So yeah, we were looking forward to it. We took the train out to Fulham early so we could walk around the stadium and shop in their team store.

Craven Cottage is right on the bank of the Thames, to the west of residential Fulham – lots of quaint little streets that look like this:

The grounds didn’t even have a parking lot, and only a little two lane road passed in front of it. A far cry from the stadiums we’re used to frequenting here in the States.

A whole store of Fulham stuff? Drew thought he was in heaven. He picked out a new Pantsil jersey for the game and I wore his Davies jersey.

Before the game started, we walked through the stadium and got a good view of the empty pitch on our way to McBride’s Lounge for some pre-game drinks.

The game was beyond exciting. Craven Cottage is a pretty small stadium and the fans get really into it. They played Everton and won 2-1. It was amazing to be at the game and have them win.

After the game, we took the train back to London and grabbed an Italian dinner. And thus ended our stay in London. 😦 London is a pretty spectacular city. For realz.

Next up – the Paris leg of our trip! I didn’t think I could handle any more excitement. But I was wrong. 🙂

Check out all my pictures from London!

*Blog post title is from a Fulham Football Club fan song

One Response to al fayed take me home, to the place where i belong…

  1. Lisa says:

    Love the pictures and some of the processing you did. You guys really did fit a lot in and it looks like you had an awesome time.

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