thy leaves are so unchanging

Thanksgiving 2009 was remarkably similar to 2008, so I noticed as I went through my pictures from a year ago. Except we’re all another year older. But wiser! I ain’t complainin’! Both last year’s and this year’s Thanksgivings were quite enjoyable—filled with family, food and happy-fun-times-drinking-lotsa-wine.

Rocky, my mom’s dog, very much enjoyed his lap time with Drew.

Off we went on our annual let’s-cut-down-the-first-tree-we-see-and-get-the-heck-out-of-this-cold trip to William’s Tree Farm, except this year we neither hurried nor froze. In fact, it was pretty darn warm in northern IL that weekend. By golly, we were going to enjoy the heck out of the unseasonably warm weekend. So we took our time, watched the horses trot by and joked around until we actually had to start picking out a tree.

At the Browning’s, it was the first holiday with both my sister-in-law’s kitty and my mother-in-law’s kitty staying in the same house! Nanaa was content with hiding under a dresser all weekend, but Oliver really wanted to make friends and play. I managed to capture one of their many standoffs in the hallway.

Someday, we all hope, they will learn to like each other. They look so similar but their personalities are vastly different.

Exhibit A: Oliver. (Pictured here up inside the tree). Playful.

Exhibit B: Nanaa. Subdued. Stoic.

We enjoyed two wonderfully cooked turkeys with all the fixin’s. Already looking forward to getting the family back together for Christmas. My sister flies in on the 22nd!

See the rest of my pictures from Thanksgiving weekend.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “Oh Christmas Tree” (a Christmas classic)


One Response to thy leaves are so unchanging

  1. Barb Browning says:

    I love the snowy blog! How did you get it to do that?

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