missouri loves company

In mid-August, I made my second trek to Kansas City (a weekend after visiting there for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party) for Aaron and Chrissy’s wedding (Aaron is Drew’s cousin.) It was nice to see a bit more of the city, but boy was it hot! We stayed at the Argosy hotel and casino where the reception was held. The ceremony was at a beautiful church in downtown KC. It went down as another fun family wedding!

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Almost everyone from Drew’s mom’s side of the family came – perfect opportunity for another family picture. Each year, the photographer has to get on a taller ladder to fit us all in. In the ten years since I’ve known Drew, 18 people have joined the family! And it just keeps growing!

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

The bride and groom, Chrissy and Aaron

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Grandma with her sister and granddaughters

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Grandpa and Grandma with some of their great-grandkids

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

The live band really knew how to throw down

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

See the rest of my pictures from Aaron and Chrissy’s wedding on Flickr.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “Missouri Loves Company” by Ringo Starr


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  1. Heather says:

    What is your photoshop secret! I must learn it 🙂

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