welcome to the world, harper!

Our little chick finally hatched! We welcomed Harper Cate Browning on Saturday, September 22nd at 9:14 pm. She weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and 20in long. She was a week early, but she’s perfect! I had hoped she would come early and my wish came true!

Friday night, the 21st, started out pretty normal. Drew and I went out to eat and I ordered a wedge salad and fish and chips. After relaxing on the couch for a bit (my daily activity all summer long), we headed to bed about 11pm. An hour and a half later, my water broke! It took about 10 minutes for it to set in that I needed to wake Drew up and head to the hospital. As he grabbed the bags, I sent a few last minute work emails. We got to the hospital around 1am and I was admitted and given an IV (which took the nurses 3 tries to get right – ouch!) Just about then, the contractions started and they didn’t stop until the baby was born the next night! 19 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing, but then they plopped this chubby-cheeked dark-haired baby on me and it was all over! My first thought was “This huge baby was inside me?”



Drew took pictures of her getting her footprints, getting weighed and her first bath. He was overjoyed holding her for the first time.



I finally got into recovery and settled into bed around 2am Saturday night – over 24 hours of no sleep. I maybe slept an hour or two that night. Too much adrenaline! Plus, I was too busy feeding and holding my new baby and being checked on by nurses every hour.

Gram (Drew’s mom) flew down earlier that day to be there to meet the baby. It was great to have her there to share in the excitement. The staff at the hospital was amazing – so helpful and caring. They took great care of me.


Sunday was spent recovering and getting to know our new bundle of joy.




Harper had a hearing screening, among other check-ups, before we were discharged on Monday. They stick little earphones on her ears and sensors on her head and neck. She slept through it but passed with flying colors.


We were excited to get home and introduce Harper to our kitties and settle in to life with a newborn!

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