bringing harper home

Two days after her birth, we brought our baby daughter home. She slept through her first car ride – lulled to sleep by the bumpy roads and Austin heat.

Harper's car ride home

Her first excitement was meeting our two cats. Just as we expected, they tenatively approached her and sniffed her. Margot was very skiddish and hid under our bed for a few hours and Maeby got used to her and went back to her normal routine.

Harper meeting the cats

Harper meeting the cats

Harper meeting the cats

Harper was a little bigger than I was expecting, so her coming home outfit was a bit snug. But we squeezed her in it just for the day.

Harper's coming home outfit

We took our first family photo – the first one being not so successful…

First family photo - outtake

First family photo

Followed by a daddy daughter nap.

Sleepy time

Sleepy time


We were pleasantly surprised by how much hair she has. She has some of my features – my mouth, my long fingers.

Long baby fingers

She did pretty well with her first bath.

Harper's first bath at home

Harper's first bath at home

Aunt Lisa visited and was extremely helpful – cooking, laundry, rocking the baby, being at my beck and call. She also knitted some cute gifts for her! An elephant, a blankie and a hat!

Harper with Aunt Lisa


Harper with the hand knit quilt from Aunt Lisa

Harper in her knitted hat from Aunt Lisa

Harper already enjoys the handmade quilt from Aunt Kari!


Harper loves being swaddled like a burrito and taking naps with Daddy.

Our little burrito

Harper sleeping on Daddy

Harper and Daddy napping

At a week old, we took her on her first stroll through the park. It was a gorgeous day in Austin, not too hot with a slight breeze. She loved it!

Harper on her first walk in the park

One of my favorite moments all week was when I found her sucking her two middle fingers – the same hand and same fingers I sucked as a baby. I couldn’t believe it! It’s the little things right now that are so remarkable. She’s definitely my daughter!

Sucking her fingers

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week home with our darling little girl. Each day we’re getting more comfortable as parents and settling into a semi-routine. We have plenty of family sprinkling in their visits for the rest of the year – it will be fun to share the excitement!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Superb pics! What a beauty!

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