harper at three weeks

It’s been three weeks at home with our little chickadee and we’re coming out of the fog. No real routines yet, we just take our cues from the little lady when it’s time to eat, time to sleep, time to kick around and time to rock. She’s enjoying bathtime more now that she’s lost her umbilical cord stump, but her favorite part is when it’s all done and she’s nice and lotioned up and toasty warm and clean. She likes getting her hair brushed – like any girl does! And she’s much more alert now!

She also drank from a bottle for the first time. She sucked it down like a champ in like 2 minutes!

Harper's first bottle





Here are a few shots we took at home – can’t get enough of babies with ruffle butts! Thankfully she was nice and calm after her bath and cooperated!


Love the ruffles!




One Response to harper at three weeks

  1. Stefanie says:

    OMG…so cute!! Love the pics with the ruffle butt! Harper is such a doll!

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