4 months old

Our little tater tot is 4 months old now! Harper is 15 lbs and 25.5 inches long. She’s smiling a lot – almost anytime I look at her. I put her in her crib to nap and she looks up at me and smiles these big smiles when she’s supposed to be tired! She’s found her voice and is getting louder with her squeals and cackles. She loves dancing to music, particularly when you sing along. She’s noticing the cats more and watches them intently. She’s still a big fan of the swaddle, but we’re only using it at night since it helps her sleep through the night.

She’s made many friends at daycare and the teachers love her. Luckily, I think she has an easygoing demeanor and just likes to look around at all the other babies. I had thought she was close to rolling over last month, but we’re still working on that one. But her head control is much better, and she’s sitting up in the bumbo. So I think we’ll try the jumperoo and jogging stroller soon. It’s been warm here in Austin so we’ve had a few recent strolls around the neighborhood and she’s all smiles the whole time.

Harper’s red dress is Polarn O. Pyret, courtesy of Aunt Lisa.

Harper at 4 months

Harper at 4 months

Harper at 4 months

Harper at 4 months

Harper at 4 months

Harper at 4 months


One Response to 4 months old

  1. Anonymous says:

    How could they not love your little tater tot at daycare! Of course I may be more than just a little prejudiced toward the most beautiful baby on this or any other planet.

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