outings and visits

We’ve been trying to get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather before the heat sets in – but that’s easier said than done when we have chores piling up on the weekends. It’s nice to just hang out in our backyard and recently we hit the downtown art fair and food trucks – Harper’s first outing in her big girl stroller.

Backyard fun

Out at the art fair

Out at the art fair

Out at the art fair

And we recently had Gram and Tod visiting for Gram’s birthday. We took a walk on the Lady Bird Lake trail and went out to eat a few times. Harper does really well in her portable high chair and likes to touch all the things!

Out at the park

Out at the park

Out for pizza for Grandma's birthday!

We watched Drew play in his weekend soccer game. It’s unbelievable the amount of stuff you have to take with you when you leave the house with a baby!

Watching Daddy's soccer game

Watching Daddy's soccer game

We really enjoyed having Gram here – she fed Harper and bathed her and played with her and, most importantly, snuggled and loved on her. While she was here, Harper cut her first tooth and rolled over!

Being fed by Gram

Gram is my BFF!


Cheek sandwich

Harper and Gram


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