8 months old

Our not-so-little baby is now 8 months old and a little over 20 lbs! Her second tooth came in at the beginning of the month. She loves to stand and is lifting her belly up into a crawling position, but no movement forward yet that I’ve seen. Yesterday, the teacher at daycare said she crawled, but I need to see it with my own eyes. She’s very coordinated and focused when she plays. She loves to bang things against each other and wave them in the air. But almost always her play involves picking something up on her right and dropping it on her left until all the toys are in a big pile on her left side and she’s like “What do I do now?” This coordination is helpful during her naps when she can find her paci and put it back in her mouth all by herself. She can spin around in her crib now and will sometimes wake up with her feet where her head was.

She’s blowing raspberries and smacking her lips now too. She’ll lift her arms to be picked up and lean in for a kiss (when she’s in the mood.) She luckily dodged getting the hand/foot/mouth disease that swept through her daycare class recently. It’s hard enough dealing with the allergies – the nosefrida is her constant companion.

She has this shy thing around new people – she’ll stick her thumb in her mouth and bury her head in my shoulder. She also does that when she’s excited – like when I let her “pet” the kitties (i.e. grab tufts of fur and rub her face in their fur.) The other day I walked in to pick her up at daycare and a little boy was reaching his hand out to her and she was swatting it away like “Go away, boy, I’m busy playing.” This girl has her priorities and boys ain’t one of them.

Harper at 8 months

Harper at 8 months

Harper at 8 months

Harper at 8 months

Harper at 8 months


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