12 months old

Our little girl is a whole year old! I think I’ll always refer to her age in months, it makes her sound younger. Like when she’s off to college I’ll be like “But she’s just a baby! She’s only 227 months old!”

This last month her personality has really started to blossom. She’s showing more emotions and is very aware of her surroundings. She loves people from a distance, but if they get too close, she loses her cool. The teachers at daycare say she’s the most loving baby and gives the best hugs. She giggles incessantly. But she’ll also show frustration when she can’t get to something she wants. Like when we don’t let her climb the stairs or play with the remote. She claps all the time – to music or to applaud herself for doing something new. When we clap, she claps. She loves to sway to music and slap her knees. She points to everything and says “dat!” She shakes her head back and forth – usually when she doesn’t want to eat something, but sometimes just to be silly. She randomly laughs at herself in the mirror.

And then she learned to say “uh oh.” Everything is “uh oh.” It’s especially fun repeating while throwing food on the floor!

Harper took her first steps on her birthday!! It was the end of the day and we were playing in her room. She had a toy in each hand and decided to walk to me. We got her to do it a few more times on video. We were so excited and so was she! Most of the time, she’ll walk holding onto one hand or with her walker. She loves to push furniture across the room. At her 12-month check-up she measured 29 inches and 24lbs 8oz. She also has her first molar!

Harper at 12 months

Harper at 12 months

Harper at 12 months

Harper at 12 months

Harper at 12 months

This was her last monthly photoshoot. And the last time we had to wrangle her to lie still in this frame! Here’s a behind the scenes shot – whenever I needed a good smile, I’d bring in the secret weapon: daddy!

Harper at 12 months

The past 12 months:

Months 1-12


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