Harper has something to tell you!

She’s going to be a big sister!

Big sister status coming March 2015

Baby #2 is due March 26, 2015!

Reading how to be the best big sister

She’s been studying up on how to be the best big sister. She practices with her baby doll – rocking her, swaddling her, taking her for walks. When you ask her “Where is Mommy’s baby?” she points to my belly. Although, she has no concept that an actual live baby will be moving in to her house. But we have a few months to work on that. When you ask “Do you want a brother or a sister?” She says “Yes!” So I think she’ll be happy with either one. Same with Mommy and Daddy – we will be thrilled with either one, but we can’t wait to find out!

I’m feeling ok for the most part. There were some rough couple weeks there for a while with nausea and major fatigue, but now I’ve got my appetite back for most of the day and I’m just basically exhausted. I think I feel it more this time around because life can’t stop when you have a toddler!

We’re so excited for a new little spud to be joining our family!

A new little spud is joining the family!


One Response to Harper has something to tell you!

  1. Bill DeGroff says:

    Julie and I are very, very happy for you all!

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