Finn at 1 month

Finn is now one month old! What a joy he has been! It’s still weird to say that I have a son and that I have two children (plural!)

Finn has met some grandparents so far, with more family coming throughout the next few months. Within a week and a half old, he gained a pound and has been off to the races since then. He’s shown good head control on tummy time and has officially rolled from tummy to back already! I thought it was a fluke around 4 weeks, but then he kept doing it while on tummy time during the last week. It’s not coordinated by any means, I think he just accidentally whips his head up and over and then kicks his legs out of frustration until he’s on his back. But I’ll count it!

He seemed to find his voice pretty early given his high pitched screams and shrieks and very loud cries. But we’ve learned how to calm him pretty quickly by swaddling. He wakes twice a night to eat, but lately he’s showing signs of not being fully awake so I’m almost having to wake him to eat. So I think we’ll start to see longer stretches out of him soon. He’s a loud sleeper, as newborns tend to be. He grunts and thrashes around which wakes this light-sleeping mama up constantly. So needless to say the nights are long for me. Luckily, I have a husband who doesn’t need much sleep and I can hand the baby off at 5am and grab another hour or two of sleep before he heads to work.

Finn’s eyes are starting to lighten and his hair is almost reddish – we’ll call it strawberry blonde. Harper loves to kiss his forehead and doesn’t hesitate to tell me to put him down when she needs me to help her, bossy lady! 🙂

1 month old

1 month old

1 month old

Kiss from sister

Enjoyed a visit from his Grandpa!

Meeting Grandpa

Harper and Finn with Grandpa


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