toddler talk – part 2

Here are some more funny things Harper has said over the last few months:

For a while she said “banama” and “cupcape” but then she figured out the correct pronunciations, sadly. She would also say “talk my book” instead of read. It’s sad when they start saying things correctly! She calls Thomas the Train “Hummus the Train” and I don’t correct her – it’s way too cute.

When it’s sprinkling she’ll say “Look, baby rains!”


When she’s crying (and wants extra sympathy for it) she’ll say “I have tears” or “I have a sad face.”

She still doesn’t like to be called anything other than Harper. If we say “You’re a lucky girl!” She’ll say “No, I’m Harper Cate Browning!” Once I asked her what my name was and she said, “Mommy Cate Browning!” (Even though she knows our real names.) She was quite tickled when she found out my name also has an H in it.


I love all her demands (well, not all.) When she wants you to go to a particular room, she’ll either grab your hand and drag you or demand to be picked up and says “Walk!” She also will say “Pick me up and hug me!” At bedtime, she always assigns me a song to sing (which is always either Annie’s song or Dorothy’s song) and she’ll sing another song and we must sing them both at the same time. So I’ll begin singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and she’ll loudly sing “Let it go! Let it go!” or “Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team” (From the Lego movie.)

When she’s scared or getting teased by Daddy, she’ll run to me and say “Save me, Mommy!”

She also will repeat things we’ve said to her or other random things she hears us say (we should really watch what we say now.) Drew had his feet on the coffee table and she said “Feet off the table, Daddy. Feet on the ground!” Drew took her to school and in the parking lot she said “That guy needs to learn how to park.”


“Daddy’s drink coffee and beer, girls drink milk and water.”

While trying to stall bedtime:
Harper: “Wanna play soccer?”
Mommy: “No, I want to get your jammies on.”
Harper: “You’re not listening!”


When I asked her to brush her teeth, she once said “Ok, my dear!” It only happened once. Usually her response is “I can’t!”

The other day she said “Mommy, I like your ponytail. It’s so beautiful!”

She asked if she could do my hair, so I let her play with it. She gathered a bunch of hair and leaned forward and asked “Do you want an Anna braid or Elsa braid?”


Harper: “I don’t want to go at school”
Mommy: “It’s not AT school, it’s TO school”
Harper: “No, ONE school!”

She was counting seven animals, so Drew quoted There’s Something About Mary and said “Seven little chipmunks sitting on a branch eating lots of acorns outside my uncle’s ranch” and Harper said “Only girls eat ranch!”



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