Finn at 4 months

Finn is now 4 months old and has slept through the night every night this past month! It was my last month of maternity leave so I was torn between letting him sleep in my arms for every nap so I could soak up every second and getting him comfortable sleeping unswaddled in a crib so that he’ll be ready for daycare. Oh, the working mom’s dilemma! He’s now napping pretty well in just a sleep sack, but his naps are usually only 20-30 minutes long. He still sleeps in the miracle blanket at night, but we may try Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit soon.

He’s proven to be a very happy, smiley baby and loves to smile at anyone who looks at him. He’s quite ticklish as well, so we love to get giggles out of him. He continues to open his hands more and more and hold on to toys. He likes toys that crinkle (like empty snack bags, just like big sister did.) He’s a very social baby – he’s happiest when someone is looking at him (particularly when he’s in his carseat, which is hard to do when I’m driving.) And he loves to talk talk talk. He also loves to watch big sister do anything and has been eyeing the cats a lot more lately.

This past month, he met Aunt Lisa when she came to visit and enjoyed his first 4th of July with Drew’s family.

Meeting Aunt Lisa

Aunt Lisa is visiting!




Loves crinkly bags





How did 4 months go so fast? I’m almost tempted to have another baby just so I can have another maternity leave. Almost.

Finnegan at 4 months

Finnegan at 4 months


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