Family Reunion 2015

A few weeks ago, my final week of maternity leave, we flew to Missouri for Drew’s family reunion. Traveling with two small kids is HARD. WORK. I knew it would be, so I spent at least a month strategizing and it took me 7 days to pack. But it was all worth it to see everyone (and I’m talking lots and lots and lots of people), see Harper having the time of her life, and have everyone meet Finn. And eat Grandma’s fresh garden veggies.

Drew’s grandparents graciously hosted us, along with his siblings and their boys. So Gram had all her children and grandchildren under the same roof.

Harper had fun with her cousin Uly, swimming, and playing with all the big kids at the reunion. Finn had fun being kissed and held by everyone and smiling at all the other babies. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but my hands were literally full pretty much the entire time.

Finn with Great Grandma Milly:

Finn and Grandma Milly

Finn meeting Cole:

Finn and Cole meeting

Harper swinging with Devyn:

Devyn and Harper swinging

Gram and Toddy with the baby boys:

Gram and Toddy with the baby boys

This pictures is blurry but I love Harper’s face. She watched all the kids go down the slide and finally got the courage to go down (holding Daddy’s hand.)

Harper sliding

This picture was right after she asked me if the mud puddle behind her was chocolate. LOL


Matching suits!

Matching suits!

Disclaimer: the wine glass in the shot below is not Harper’s. 🙂

Devyn and Harper chowing down

Playing trucks with cousin Uly:

Uly and Harper playing trucks

Kisses from Great Great Aunt Mary:

Finn and Great Great Aunt Mary

Harper swinging

Aunt Brittany holding nephew Augie:

Aunt Brittany and Augie

Finn and Gram

Uly and Harper

Sitting in Grandma's rocking chair

Grandma Milly and Margot

These two have 29 great grandchildren (so far):

Milly and Ralph dancing

Harper stealing M&M’s from Avery:

Harper stealing M&M's from Avery

Here are just the last 11 babies (and their daddies):

The last 11 babies with their daddies


At the end of the trip, we met up with Grandpa Steve for his birthday.

Grandpa and Finn

Harper and Uly

Grandpa with his grandkids