toddler talk – part 3

Mommy: “Harper, can you say ‘hello’ in Spanish?”
Harper: “Hello in Spanish!”
Mommy: “Spanish is another language. We speak English.”
Harper: “English? That’s a silly word.”

Stalling at bedtime again:
Harper: “My shirt is blue! You don’t have a blue shirt. You need to get one at the store.”
Mommy: “I have a blue shirt, I’m just not wearing it right now. It’s in my room.”
Harper: “Oh ok. I need to go check real quick.”
Mommy: “Check what?”
Harper: “I need to check your blue shirt.”

Harper had been playing in her room for a bit when I called down to her “What are you doing?” and she yelled back “Making a mess!”

When Drew is playing with Finn, he’ll sometimes pretend to nibble on Finn’s toes and Harper says “No, Daddy! We don’t eat brothers!”


Harper has always been very particular about shoes and we have a hard time finding sandals to fit her. I’ve learned to buy a few from Zappos to try on and return the ones she doesn’t like. But getting her to even try on new shoes, forget it. I’ll say “Let’s just see if they fit.” So when she tries on uncomfortable shoes, she whines “They’re too fits!” I finally got her to like one pair of sandals this summer by calling them her “Cinderella sandals” and she totally bought it.


When she’s done eating she’ll sometimes say her tummy is full, but randomly she’ll sometimes say “My leg is full” or “my arms are full.”

Harper: “Where’s Daddy?”
Mommy: “He’s at the grocery store”
Harper: “To buy more cow milk for me?”
Mommy: “Yep!”
Harper: “Oh! That’s very nice!”

She went grocery shopping with Drew recently and when they came back I asked her what they bought and she said “Cow milk, beer, and a cookie!”


When Finn is crying she’ll say “I’m here for you, buddy” or “I got you Finn.” And one time he had woken up from his nap, and I saw her on the monitor reach into his crib and give him his paci and I melted.

She has a thing for chapstick but calls it “lips” so she’ll say “I need my lips!”

Once she’s all tucked in for the night, as another stalling tactic she’ll say, “I need to check the weather!” and lifts up her shade to look out the window.

Mommy: “You’re brave!”
Harper: “I’m not Merida!”
Mommy: “I know. You’re Harper Cate and you can be brave.”
Harper: “No I don’t want to!”

Protesting a smile

On the way home from picking her up from school, she and Finn were both fussing and she cries, “We’re both crying!”

Harper: “I want to wear a dress”
Mommy: “Hmmm…”
Harper: “Don’t say hmmm”
Mommy: “What should I say?”
Harper: “Say yes!”

Harper was not in the best mood when I picked her up from school one day and I made the grave mistake of lifting her into her carseat instead of letting her climb in herself, which made it worse. She said she didn’t want to give me a kiss. But I hugged her and snuck a kiss on her cheek and said “Ha ha I got a kiss! I’m sneaky!” And she cried, “I don’t want a sneaky kiss!”

Drew took her to her first movie in a theatre and when she got home she said, “We went to the movie peter!”

Harper loves blankets. She carries them around and loves when I wrap one around her like a dress or tie one on her like a cape, so I started calling her Harper Cate Blankett. I was like “why did it take me so long to come up with that nickname!”

Mommy: “We used to sing this to you when you were a baby.”
Harper: “When I had no teeth and couldn’t talk?”
Mommy: “Yeah!”
Harper: “Yeah, I just had a tongue.”
(Whenever she sees a picture of herself as a baby she says “I didn’t have any teeth.”)

While we were in the bathroom waiting for her to go potty (sooo many conversations happen while we’re waiting to go potty…) she grabbed my cheeks and put her forehead to mine and said “There’s nothing to be scared of.”

While we were in Missouri (after having talked for weeks about all the people she’d see there) she said “I have so many special people in my life!”


Mommy: “What do you want for your birthday?”
Harper: “A bumblebee”
Mommy: “A real one?”
Harper (waving her hand): “I don’t want it to bother me”

Mommy: “…Jack fell down and broke his crown…”
Harper: “He bumped his head? Aww that’s so sad. That’s a sad choice.”

While Daddy was away on business, she requested that I sing his songs at bedtime. He usually sings My Girl, among others, so I started singing it and when I got to the “My girl” part she said “No, I’m Daddy’s girl!”