Finn at 6 months

This month Finn had a lot of fun! He went swimming, graduated to sitting up in a stroller for walks, rolled from back to tummy and spent some quality time with Gram when she visited towards the end of the month.

He’s getting better at sitting but will usually fall to one side, so we prop pillows all around him. He likes to “talk” very loudly and giggles very easily. He loves to put things in his mouth, which is weird for us because Harper never did. So we’re finally getting use out of all those teether toys we bought the first time around. He loves Sophie the giraffe and any teether that’s easy to hold.

He’s quite grabby, particularly faces and hair – anything in arm’s reach (and pinches!) It’s pretty darn cute when he grabs my face with both hands and plants a slobbery open mouth kiss on me! He’s started to bite while eating…ouch! We’re powering through it though. He got his second bottom tooth and loves to show off his cute little teeth by smiling at everyone he sees – even pictures of people’s faces and faces on TV.

He spent most of the month waking up a few times in the night by rubbing his face and lose his paci, so we just need to jump up and pop it back in and he’s good. He’s down to 3 (sometimes 4) naps a day and doesn’t sleep very well at daycare.

He just started eating solids! We’ve tried applesauce and sweet potatoes and he likes both. Hopefully he’s a good eater like his big sister. He’s 17.5lbs and 26.5in (same weight as Harper at 6 months, but an inch longer.)

He’s such a patient, happy and sweet baby. We can’t get enough of him!

Basket boy

Practicing sitting

Playing with a friend

Ticklish boy

Playing outside

Mommy and the kids

Getting a bath

All clean

The boys

The boys

Sleepy Finn


Future soccer player



Gram and Finn


Eating solids

Gram and Finn

Finn and Mommy


The boys

Gram and Finn

Finn at 6 months

Big sister helped to make him smile.

Finn at 6 months

And had to jump in for a picture.

Finn and his sister


One Response to Finn at 6 months

  1. Bill (grandpa) says:

    He’s such a happy boy! Love the pictures of him and his sister!

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