toddler talk – part 4

It’s pretty funny when your child starts using your phrases and repeats things you’ve told them. Harper is turning into a mini-Mommy. Or a mini-teenager.

Watering plants

When I ask her to do something she’ll often say “Ok, I’ll be there in just a second” (and repeats that ten minutes later) or “hang on, Mom.”

When we remind her that she forgot to do something she’ll say “I’ll do it next time.”

Playing outside

Maeby was meowing, probably for food, and Harper said “Can you say please, Maeby?”

Margot jumped up on the windowsill and she said “Margot be careful! That’s dangerous!” And then later, Margot was running around like a maniac and Harper said “She’s being ridiculous.” (She learned that phrase from Daddy.)

Maeby was scratching the rug (again) and Harper said “Maeby’s not a good listener.”

When she’s playing, she’ll say “Hold this, Mom. I have lots of things to do.” She’s been really into putting all of her play kitchen foods into her backpack, but then makes me carry it because it’s too heavy.

Playing bookstore:

Playing bookstore

Mommy: “Will you help me give Finn a bath?”
Harper: “No. I’ll help you watch a movie!”

Mommy: “What comes after 39?”
Harper: “Um…”
Mommy: “40”
Harper: “That’s right, Mom!”

She calls hand sanitizer “hand tizer” and now we all call it that.

Blowing bubbles

Mommy: “We’re having spaghetti and texas toast for dinner”
Harper: “Monkey texas toast?”
Mommy: “No, just texas toast”
Harper: “Oh, fancy!”

Accompanied by sweeping hand gestures: “Those are my slippery socks. I can run and dance and slip! I can do lots of many things!”

Harper in a hat

Talking to Avery on her play phone: “Hi Avie! You doin’ good? Can we talk on the computer?”

“I have an idea! Let’s dress up like princesses!”

One sticker is never enough

Drew was playing with her hair and she asked him what he was doing and he said “Playing with your hair” and she said “My hair is not a toy!”

“Mom, I wanna kiss on you.”

I asked her what instrument she wants to play and I named pretty much every instrument in a school band and she said “no” to all of them, and then I started naming other ones “xylophone, triangle, maracas…” And she jumped in, “Maracas would be good!”

Playing outside

At daycare drop-off sometimes she’ll happily join her friends but other days she’s a bit clingy. So we tell her we’ll fistbump her through the window on our way out. Drew came up with that idea. So she’ll stand by the window until we get there and we fistbump and she’s all good. A couple of her friends now join her at the window for fistbumps – so I’ll fistbump each of them. Then other parents started doing it. One morning one of the moms said to me “I don’t know where this came from but he wants to do it every morning.” Yep, that was my husband. When Daddy and Harper fistbump at home, Harper says “Boomshakalaka” or “Boom goes the dynamite.”

When I pick them up at daycare, I get Finn first and then I bring him to her classroom to get her and she gets so excited to see him. Literally every kid in the room comes running “Baby! Baby!” and I have to hold him up so they don’t all grab at him. Harper will extend her arms out to block the kids from grabbing him. Haha. She’ll say “We don’t touch the baby.” (Just like her teacher says.) She’ll say “Hi Finny! I missed you!”

When I get Finn up from his naps she’ll say “Did you have a good nap, sweetie?”

Bath in the big tub


One Response to toddler talk – part 4

  1. HappyFamily says:

    So sweet. She is adorable. You realize how you need to be careful with what we say.

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