Finn at 7 months

What a fun month for Finn! Between ramping up his solids and sitting up to play – it’s a whole new world for him!

He graduated to the high chair and is happy to sit in it and play while we eat dinner. He’s drinking water from a sippy cup and loves to hold it, chew on it and let water dribble out of his mouth. He also likes to steal my Camelbak water bottle. Over the course of this month he has definitely warmed up to veggies. He even liked lamb the first time. He likes chickpeas, split peas or lentils mixed with a veggie too. And for mornings he likes fruit mixed with oatmeal or coconut milk yogurt.

He sleeps in his Zipadee-Zip and sometimes rolls onto his side at night. For the last few weeks he’s woken a couple times a night and for a few nights he was up just about every hour due to a cold/allergies.

He shakes his head no and says “dadadada” and still loves to loudly squeal and growl (I don’t know how else to describe the weird sounds he makes.) He can’t sit through a book without leaning forward and reaching for every page. He’s great at sitting up and reaching for the toys he wants – his favorites are musical toys, balls and a silicone teether ring. And he loves Drew’s watches – just like Harper did. He liked swinging for the first time in the backyard!

Sitting in the high chair

Eating peas

Reading and snuggling with Daddy…makes for a very tired little boy.

Reading with Daddy

Reading with Daddy

Fell asleep reading with Daddy

Finn loves his hand-knit blanket from Aunt Lisa!

Finnegan loves his blanket from Aunt Lisa

Finnegan loves his blanket from Aunt Lisa

When Finn woke up from his nap, Harper wanted to climb into his crib. “Did you have a good nap, sweetie?”

Siblings in a crib

Siblings in a crib

Harper and Finn



Chillin’ outside while Harper plays.

Cool dude


Swinging is so fun!

Finnegan's first time swinging


Yes, to say we’re Fulham fans is an understatement. He finally fits into his Fulham footie jammies that he got for Christmas.

Finn loves Fulham

Finn loves Fulham

Finn stole my water!

Finnegan at 7 months

Finnegan at 7 months

Finnegan at 7 months


2 Responses to Finn at 7 months

  1. Bill (grandpa) says:

    Cute boy! And look at those teeth!

  2. Stacey says:

    What a devine little family! You’ve made me want to give my baby a sibling ☺️

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