toddler talk – part 5

“Where’s my camera? I need to take a picture of my baby.”

I need to take a picture of my baby

She was disappointed that her alphabet puzzle didn’t come with enough R’s.

There's only one R in this puzzle!

She calls Barnes and Noble “Barnes in Oble.”

I asked Harper to hand me something while I was holding Finn and she said (with nothing in her hands), “I can’t. My hands are full.” She then immediately turned to grab the two closest things on the couch – a remote and burp cloth – and held them up to show me.

Checking Finn's heartbeat

Mommy: “Exercise is good for our bodies and so are fruits and vegetables and vitamins.”
Harper: “And candy?”
Mommy: “No, candy is not good for our bodies.”
Harper: “It’s good for my arm?”

Mommy: “Daddy’s stuck at work”
Harper: “Oh no! We have to help him!”

No packages in here

Mommy: “Your shirts are getting too small. We need to get you a bigger shirt.”
Harper: “I can just borrow Daddy’s shirts.”

We had mozzarella sticks one night and she asked if they were fish sticks. After correcting her, she still called them cheese fish sticks.

Swinging in the baby swing

When she’s in a certain mood and you ask her what she did at school that day, she’ll huff and say “Ugh, nuffing.”

Mommy: “What comes after Halloween?:
Harper: “Um, I don’t know.”
Mommy: “On what holiday do we eat turkey?”
Harper: “Um, Mother’s Day?”
Mommy: “No.”
Harper: “Um, Nuffing day?”

One day she was pretending to sleep in my bed and then she’d pop up and gasp, “It’s coronation day!” (A line from Frozen.)

Pretending to sleep

At bedtime each night, after books and songs, she’ll say, “Stay and talk to me.” So Drew and I will both take turns lying with her and chatting. She’ll say, “Let’s talk about movies.” And it’s usually Rapunzel or Ariel and she wants to narrate the plot of the movie. Once in a while, she’ll say, “Let’s talk about Mother’s Day.” Recently, I overheard Drew explaining the plot of The Royal Tenenbaums and later he told me they agreed to take turns talking about each other’s movies.

Playing with stamps

“My allergies hurt. I have allergies in my mouth.”

She chased Maeby under the table and said, “She’s just a little grumpy.”

Taking Finn for a stroll

One the way to school:
Harper: Yawn “I’m tired.”
Mommy: “Why are you tired?”
Harper: “Because my tummy’s full of water.”
Mommy: “Oh.”
Harper: “And milk.”

At dinner one night, I paused to clap for Finn to engage him while we were eating and she said to me, “Hey! Eat your dinner!”

Trying on her new boots

When Drew asked her to do something, she said, “Just a second. You have to be patient, Dad.”

Washing my car

Washing my car

She was playing around and put her lovie in her shirt and said she was having a baby girl named Lois.

Wearing my cardigan

“Mom, are you talking to yourself?”

“We can say ‘Oh gosh.’ That’s a happy choice. We don’t say ‘Oh dammit.'”

Her mean face

She calls us sweetie all the time – sometimes in order to get herself out of trouble. Like, if we asked her many times to pick something up she’ll say, “Just in a second, sweetie” or “Maybe tomorrow, sweetie” or if Drew misplaces his phone she’ll find it and say, “There’s your phone, sweetie.”

She hasn’t caught on that you need to say the word “done” after “almost” so she’ll say, “I’m almost eating.” or “I’m almost watching my movie.”

Tennis guitar

At school, they are apparently told not to lean back on the legs of their chairs, so she will not allow Drew to do it at the dinner table. She’ll say, “Feet on the floor, Daddy.” So any time Drew starts to stretch back, she’ll look down on the floor to make sure the legs of his chair are flat and she’ll say, “I’m checking you! Ok, you’re just stretching.”

Wearing my boots

We went out on the patio to look at the Christmas lights hung on our pergola and she said, “It’s magical!”

Roasting marshmallows

Harper Cate

Before I began recording this video, I had said, “Guess what? Gram and Toddy are coming next week!” And she yelled, “YAY!!!!” I wanted to get her excitement on video, so I told her to do it again and this is what I got:

Silly girl

Silly girl

(Last two photos courtesy of Tod “Toddy” Oles)


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