Christmas 2015

We had very warm weather here in Texas on Christmas so we spent Christmas Eve morning outside playing soccer and flying a kite. Harper wanted to fly it all by herself which meant she ran around dragging it on the ground behind her. But after I showed her how to do it and she let me help her get started, she ran with it in the air for a bit.

Christmas Eve outdoors

Trying to fly a kite

Flying a kite

Christmas Eve outdoors

We also did our annual Christmas Eve crafts – we made bead candy canes and painted wooden gift tags. I also tried to get a little Pinterest-y and do a handprint wreath with Harper and a footprint mistletoe with Finn but they turned out horribly, as most of my Pinterest endeavors do.

Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts

Harper was excited to frost and sprinkle some sugar cookies and put them out with milk for Santa (and some carrots on our driveway for the reindeer.)

Santa's cookies and milk

I put them in matching jammies and Daddy read The Night Before Christmas.

Matching jammies

Matching jammies

Christmas morning started at 6am and after feeding the baby and getting Harper a snack in her room and all ready to go, I walked the kids out while Drew shot video from the living room. Harper immediately spotted Finn’s Little Tikes car and then her bike and rocking chair. She was so excited! And because it was so warm, we got to spend some time outside trying out the new toys! It was a very merry Christmas!

Harper loves her rocking chair and Dorothy doll//

Finn got a car!

Harper got a bike!



Finn in his new car

Finn in his new car

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