Finn at 10 months

This month was a big month for Finn! He started crawling! Leading up to it he would whine because he couldn’t get to where he wanted to go. On January 7th, his teachers said he crawled at school and I had a feeling he’d start very soon since he’d been scooting every which way but forward. But that night at home he wouldn’t crawl for me. It was a few days later that he finally crawled for us at home. He instantly became a more content baby. He didn’t crawl far – we could still keep him mostly contained in a room, but he was happier just to be able to get to toys he wanted. As soon as he started crawling forward, he started pulling up to standing too. Now he loves to stand at the play kitchen and a little play table in the living room where we keep books that he likes to pull down.

He got his 6th and 7th teeth – one on top and one on bottom. And, of course, had another sickness. This time with a 3-day fever and bad chest cough. January is a really bad month in central Texas for allergies – it’s called Cedar Fever. Kids often get sinus infections from it. So I spent a week home with Finn, which was tough because I was also trying to work. Now that he could crawl, all he wanted to do was grab my laptop and bang on it.

He’s chatting a lot now, mostly dadada, bababa and tatata and still does his signature growl and sometimes an excited high-pitched squeal. He voices his opinions a lot more, particularly when you take something away, or if his favorite food is all gone. He LOVES to eat purees but isn’t yet picking finger food up, except for those Mum Mum crackers. He’ll eat anything if I feed it to him, but he much prefers purees and being spoon fed.

He’s down to two naps which has been working well. Sometimes he’ll nap two hours in the morning and another hour in the afternoon. But that means I don’t have both kids napping at the same time anymore. At least I get plenty of 1:1 time with each of them while the other’s napping!

Besides Christmas, this month was exciting because we had a visit from Grandpa Steve (Drew’s dad) and some nice weather (even for Texas) so we got outside quite a bit.






A visit from Grandpa

He was bouncing in the pack-n-play, so Harper came over and started bouncing with him and they were both giggling. It’s so cute when they play together.

Bouncing and giggling

Harper teaching him how to draw:

Playing together

All dressed up for a dinner out!

Mommy and Finn

For Christmas, Daddy got him more Fulham gear. It’s hard to keep a hat on him for very long.

Fulham Finn

Look at my new hat!

I took off my hat!



Sleepy boy

He also upgraded to a convertible carseat. Here’s a comparison of his first and last time in the infant seat!

First and last time in the infant seat

Finn at 10 months

Poor bubby was in the middle of a fever when I took these – I’m glad he was willing to humor me.

Finn at 10 months


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