Finn at 12 months

My last monthly baby update ever!! Sniff sniff. And a month late…life lately, man.

Last month was pretty exciting for Finn as he neared his first birthday. He had a lot of firsts! He started out the month making some progress on feeding himself table food – he ate some green beans, banana, alfredo noodles, meatloaf and taco meat. Maybe a bite each, but it’s progress! I give him something solid to feed himself at every meal, but he rarely actually puts it in his mouth. He still only wants purees. This is quite different from how Harper was, but I’ll just keep offering and hope one of these days it starts to click! I make him warm, tasty, homemade food and he won’t touch it, but he’ll try to eat things like chalk, cotton balls, cat food, cat hair balls and cardboard.

He took his first steps on March 6th and continued taking a few steps here and there the rest of the month, usually between me and Drew. Then right around his birthday he started walking full-time. And that’s when he found some new hobbies (beyond his favorite activity of trying to eat the cat food) like climbing step stools and little chairs, sticking his hands in the toilet, unrolling the toilet paper, climbing on the treadmill and pulling all the things out of the cabinets. Basically, in any room he’s in he’ll find the most dangerous or naughty thing to do. At least if I take my eyes off him for a second, I usually have my resident tattletale to warn me with a “Moooooommmm! Finn’s in the cat food again!” Is this a boy thing or was I just spared the first time around with a very tame girlbaby?

Speaking of Harper, she still doesn’t want much to do with Finn most of the time. She’s excited to see him at school when we pick him up and will give him a quick hug if I ask her to. But usually it’s “He’s touching me!” or “He’s grabbing my toy!”

Finn is getting more coordinated and focused as he plays. He still loves anything he can bang together or bang on the floor, like pots and pans from the play kitchen. He loves to put the ball in the ball run and watch it spin down over and over, and loves to put coins in the piggy bank and take them back out. Most often, he’s chasing the cat around the house or throwing a ball and picking it up. If you ever hand something to him, no matter what it is, his first instinct is to chuck it. Again, quite the opposite of how Harper was – she loved holding all the things and inspecting everything. Finn won’t hold on to anything. He just wants to throw. He’s starting to dance more to music which is adorable – he does a slow motion head banging move and dances his little feet around. It’s a good thing we live in a warm climate because Finn wants to live outside. I can’t let Harper out without him whining to go out too. So we spend a lot of time outside and it became even more fun for him once he started walking around the yard. But when it’s time to go inside, he throws his head back and flings his body around in quite dramatic fashion.

Finn got through his three remaining molars throughout the month (12 teeth now!) and at his 12-month check-up he weighed 22.8lbs and was 29.5 inches. Not surprisingly, he was also diagnosed with his second ear infection and RSV. I wasn’t surprised because he was sick again leading up to his birthday and I kept him home a few days. But he didn’t have a fever like last time, so I was hoping it was just a cold. So he went on a stronger antibiotic which cleared it up. But then he got hit with a stomach bug, poor guy.

Getting some fresh air on one of his sick days – I think it did him some good.

Getting fresh air on a sick day

Getting fresh air on a sick day


Finn also got his first haircut which made him look much more like a toddler!

First haircut before and after

Finnegan and Mommy


Playing outside

Playing outside

Playing outside

This month we also enjoyed a visit from Grandpa and then two weeks later my mom came to help celebrate his birthday which I’ll post about soon.

Finnegan and Grandpa

Finnegan and Grandpa

Of course he sticks the chalk in his mouth right as I’m taking the picture.

Sneaking a taste of chalk


Since he has an Irish name, I thought it appropriate to dress him with some St. Patty’s Day accessories, but he wasn’t so sure about it.

Not a fan of his St. Patrick's Day attire

Laundry basket rides

Sleepy boy

Finnegan and Mommy

My precious baby boy has grown so much!


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