this is the story of the road that goes to my house

Back in August, we did something we’d been waiting YEARS to do – we made an offer on a house. A real house! With a front door! That opens to the outside! After living in dorm rooms, apartments and condos since leaving our parents’ homes as young adults, our dream was to someday have a house. And it finally happened!

The house was put on the market on a Friday, we looked at it the next day, we put an offer in the following Monday, and our offer was accepted the next day. When we saw the house, we just knew it was too good to pass up. The whole process was much smoother than when we bought our condo in Chicago – painless and quick. Everyone we worked with was great. I was beyond excited to close and move in!

The house is in a neighborhood of green and modern homes – they’re all colorful, unique and designed by local architects. The community is full of artistic people – photographers, designers, actors, etc. Our neighbors have been really friendly.

I finally have my front door!

The first night at the house, we had no furniture. Just a few folding chairs. And some wine to celebrate.

Yippeee! I haz a happy!!!

We moved in at the beginning of October and have been extremely busy since. Owning a house is a lot of work! It was pretty move-in ready, but there were a few odd jobs that we wanted to tackle, plus all the unpacking.

One job on Drew’s list was to install his surround sound speakers. It was a hard and dirty job, but he was so proud that he got them working!

We’ve spent most of our weekends working outside on the landscaping, yard and deck. The only outdoor space we had before was a balcony. The Texas summer is pretty harsh on landscaping, so we’ve just tried to maintain what is there, but will give it a revamp next spring. The outdoor space is one of our favorite features – we’ve spent a lot of time on our porch and deck and can enjoy them almost year round.

It is now early November and we are still able to eat dinner outside on our deck. Something tells me this will never get old.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “July, July” by The Decemberists