Meet Finnegan Nash

Our bouncing baby boy arrived on Friday, March 20th at 7:26am weighing 8 pounds 3.3 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. He’s perfectly healthy and adorable!

His birth story begins the day before, when all the action started. Actually, let me back up a few weeks. With about a month left of my pregnancy, I was measuring big. So they did a growth ultrasound and found that he was measuring 2 weeks ahead and roughly 8 lbs 4 oz (and I was 36 weeks along.) So we were prepared for a large baby. Even the ultrasound tech said “I can’t believe how big your baby is!” My doctor said we could schedule an induction after 39 weeks if I wanted to. We went ahead and scheduled the next available induction appointment which happened to be on my due date (must have been a lot of mommies in similar situations at the time!) I really didn’t want to get induced, but we scheduled it just in case. As you can imagine, I was getting more uncomfortable by the day.

We planned to have my mom arrive on 3/19 and stay for a week to watch Harper in case I went into labor during that time. If I had to wait until my due date to get induced, my mom would have had just enough time to stop by the hospital to see the baby before heading back home. So we were all hoping for an early arrival!

My mom’s flight was a bit delayed and I picked her up at the airport around 3:30pm. On the way home I jokingly said to my belly, “It’s safe for you to come out now!” We headed to Harper’s school to pick her up and then came home and prepared dinner. We had just put the chicken in the oven and I sat down on the couch, when all of a sudden I jumped up and gasped. My water had broken! I was happily shocked! Could the timing have been any better? My water broke at home at exactly 39 weeks, just like with Harper! What a coincidence! I called Drew who was already on his way home from work. It was go time! I never did get to eat that chicken.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:30pm, got checked in and contractions started shortly thereafter. I labored for 20 hours with Harper, but second babies usually come a bit quicker. I had a feeling I was in for a long night. I labored throughout the night and progressed quickly towards the end. I only had to push for 25 minutes (vs. 3 hours with Harper!) Then there he was! In total, my labor with Finn was 13 hours. With Harper, my first thought upon seeing her was, “This giant baby was inside my belly?” With Finn, it was more like, “Wow he’s so tiny!” Funny how your perspective changes when you’ve been living with a toddler.

All along I was worried that the baby would be too big to push out, but that wasn’t the case. And he measured much smaller than we were expecting. It all worked out perfectly!

Newborn Finnegan

Daddy holding Finn for the first time

Newborn Finnegan

Being born is tiring

Finnegan's hospital bath

Getting his hair washed

Getting his hair washed

Mommy and son

Tired Mommy

Later that day, Drew brought Harper and my mom in to meet the baby. Harper was excited, but didn’t want to get too close or touch him just yet.

Big sister ready to meet her baby brother

Family of 4

Grandma holding Finnegan for the first time

My recovery and stay in the hospital was immensely easier than the first time. Drew and I were even able to laugh and relax with our new baby. So far, we think he favors me a bit. His hair is much lighter than Harper’s was. He definitely has my dimples.

I got absolutely no sleep the first night after his birth, but managed a few cat naps the second night. The first night, I sat holding my baby for hours, knowing I’d look back and be glad I opted to bond with him instead of sleep. I had too much adrenaline anyway.

Mommy and baby

Tired Mommy

Finn passed his hearing screening with flying colors.

Finnegan getting a hearing screening

The second day, my mom and Harper came back for another visit. This time, Harper let us lay him on her lap, but she still wouldn’t touch him.

Ready to hold her baby brother

Harper holding Finnegan for the first time

By Sunday midday, we were ready to go home!

Going home from the hospital


welcome to the world, harper!

Our little chick finally hatched! We welcomed Harper Cate Browning on Saturday, September 22nd at 9:14 pm. She weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and 20in long. She was a week early, but she’s perfect! I had hoped she would come early and my wish came true!

Friday night, the 21st, started out pretty normal. Drew and I went out to eat and I ordered a wedge salad and fish and chips. After relaxing on the couch for a bit (my daily activity all summer long), we headed to bed about 11pm. An hour and a half later, my water broke! It took about 10 minutes for it to set in that I needed to wake Drew up and head to the hospital. As he grabbed the bags, I sent a few last minute work emails. We got to the hospital around 1am and I was admitted and given an IV (which took the nurses 3 tries to get right – ouch!) Just about then, the contractions started and they didn’t stop until the baby was born the next night! 19 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing, but then they plopped this chubby-cheeked dark-haired baby on me and it was all over! My first thought was “This huge baby was inside me?”



Drew took pictures of her getting her footprints, getting weighed and her first bath. He was overjoyed holding her for the first time.



I finally got into recovery and settled into bed around 2am Saturday night – over 24 hours of no sleep. I maybe slept an hour or two that night. Too much adrenaline! Plus, I was too busy feeding and holding my new baby and being checked on by nurses every hour.

Gram (Drew’s mom) flew down earlier that day to be there to meet the baby. It was great to have her there to share in the excitement. The staff at the hospital was amazing – so helpful and caring. They took great care of me.


Sunday was spent recovering and getting to know our new bundle of joy.




Harper had a hearing screening, among other check-ups, before we were discharged on Monday. They stick little earphones on her ears and sensors on her head and neck. She slept through it but passed with flying colors.


We were excited to get home and introduce Harper to our kitties and settle in to life with a newborn!