start spreading the news

At the end of August my husband and I, along with my mom, went to New York to visit with Lisa and Branden. We planned an engagement party for them and it was also my sister’s 30th birthday. I know – 30? Geez! I can’t believe my sister is 30.

First we spent a little time walking around Brooklyn and looking at the venues they’ve chosen for their wedding. We stopped by the Brooklyn Historical Society where they’ll have their ceremony in the library. Very fitting for my sister who works in publishing and loves books. The library has beautiful wooden shelves and an open balcony surrounding the study tables (which is where the ceremony will be set up.)

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Historical Society

We also stopped by Bubby’s, a local restaurant where they’ll have their reception. Both the Brooklyn Historical Society and Bubby’s are in their neighborhood. Bubby’s is where Lisa and Branden go for brunch quite often and they love their photobooth (which will be fun for the guests during the reception.) What’s probably best about Bubby’s (besides their mimosas) is the view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges through the large windows. It will be a beautiful view that night.

Bubby's Brooklyn

We walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is where we’ll probably have a lot of wedding pictures taken. I’ve walked around this area everytime I’ve visited the past few years and I think I have enough pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge by now, but I can’t stop myself from taking more. The city has turned a few of the piers on the Brooklyn side into green parks and playgrounds.

New York - 8/2010

New York - 8/2010

New York - 8/2010

New York - 8/2010

New York - 8/2010

New York - 8/2010

New York - 8/2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park is actually where Branden proposed to Lisa back in May. Lisa showed us exactly where he took her – some steps overlooking the Manhattan skyline. What a backdrop huh? Who could say no? 😉


Later we went to the Brooklyn Art Museum where we saw Abdi Farah’s exhibit from Work of Art/Next Great Artist and Warhol’s art from his last decade. This is perhaps my favorite Warhol – a piece from the “Yarn” collection.

New York - 8/2010

That night, Lisa opened her birthday gifts and we watched a little photo slideshow I made in honor of her birthday.

Lisa and Branden’s engagement party was a fun way to cap off our trip. We met for dinner at City Winery in Manhattan, not too far from where Lisa works. It’s a big, open restaurant and winery – sort of looks like it used to be a warehouse. She had a lot of friends come out for drinks that night. We had fun meeting everyone and watching Lisa and Branden enjoy time with their friends.

Lisa & Branden's Engagement Party

Lisa & Branden's Engagement Party

Lisa & Branden's Engagement Party

Lisa & Branden's Engagement Party

Lisa & Branden's Engagement Party

We’re really looking forward to their wedding next May. Until then, I’ll be busy designing their website ( and doing some arts & crafts for the wedding!

See the rest of my pictures from our weekend in New York and Lisa and Branden’s engagement party.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra

missouri loves company

In mid-August, I made my second trek to Kansas City (a weekend after visiting there for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party) for Aaron and Chrissy’s wedding (Aaron is Drew’s cousin.) It was nice to see a bit more of the city, but boy was it hot! We stayed at the Argosy hotel and casino where the reception was held. The ceremony was at a beautiful church in downtown KC. It went down as another fun family wedding!

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Almost everyone from Drew’s mom’s side of the family came – perfect opportunity for another family picture. Each year, the photographer has to get on a taller ladder to fit us all in. In the ten years since I’ve known Drew, 18 people have joined the family! And it just keeps growing!

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

The bride and groom, Chrissy and Aaron

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Grandma with her sister and granddaughters

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

Grandpa and Grandma with some of their great-grandkids

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

The live band really knew how to throw down

Rapp Wedding - 8/14/10

See the rest of my pictures from Aaron and Chrissy’s wedding on Flickr.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “Missouri Loves Company” by Ringo Starr

you take me the way i am

My sister and her boyfriend got engaged! We’re so excited! Lisa and Branden met three and a half years ago in Brooklyn. They’re planning a New York wedding next spring. She asked me to be Matron of Honor of course. And as part of my job, I’m going to design her a wedding website.

Between my sister-in-law getting married in September and my sister next year – we’re going to have a busy year. It’s going to be very memorable and I’ll love every minute!

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson

our words are strong and our hearts are kind

Last weekend we made the long trek down to Missouri for a much anticipated wedding – Annie and Keith’s! Annie is Drew’s cousin and she’s the first girl on that side to get married. I had a good time tagging along with the girls for our mani/pedi’s and lunch the day before. As always, it was nice to see all the family. I met all three new babies – Molly, Layne and Avery. So cute!

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend.

Cutting the cake

Kari (my sister-in-law and the Maid of Honor) and the Bride

Me and my dapper date

First dance to “You Are The Best Thing” – Ray Lamontagne

Father/Daughter dance

Grandma with all her granddaughters

See more pictures of the weekend on Flickr.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne

together, forever, that’s how it should be

The 3rd of July marked two special occasions. First, my husband’s birthday. I took him to breakfast that morning and then we played tennis (and he let me beat him in one game.) Then we headed to Wheaton for our friends Stefanie and Adam’s wedding rehearsal.

I was her Bride’s Assistant. I was put in charge of corralling the ring bearer and flower girl and handing out all the boutonnieres and corsages. Plus I got to skip around and snap photos, which I would have done anyways. Except for the skipping part. Drew hates when I skip. (Inside joke…)

We rehearsed at the Klein Golf Club for a planned outdoor ceremony, weather permitting.

The bride and her bridesmaids

After working up an appetite, we went to Gino’s East for the rehearsal dinner.

The bride’s assistant and the bride

Well, the weather did not permit. It rained on her wedding day. But that’s good luck right? (Personally, I just think that’s something made up to make the bride feel better.) The morning of the wedding, they decided to move the ceremony inside the tent where the reception was set up. Most guests sat at their dinner tables, but the VIP’s sat in chairs on the dance floor. I think it turned out beautifully and I must say, the bride handled the change of plans superbly.

The wedding was a success. And I think their marriage will be too.

I can just tell these things.

Who needs fireworks on the 4th of July when you get to spend the evening watching sparks fly for two dear friends on their wedding day?

See the rest of my pictures from the rehearsal and wedding day.

*Blog post title is a lyric from the song “I Say A Little Prayer For You” by Dionne Warwick

how sweet it is to be loved by you

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary and I had to spend the evening in class. Fortunately, Drew has planned a nice dinner out at Coopers Hawk on Saturday for a delayed celebration. I figured I’d take the opportunity to revisit some of my favorite shots of our wedding day. You can see more pictures taken by our photographer and friends/family.

maybe the sun will shine today

Last weekend I traveled down to Effingham for my friend Stefanie’s bridal shower. The shower was hosted by her soon-to-be mother-in-law and was mostly for Adam’s side of the family. My friend Michelle and I went since we missed her first shower up here in the ‘burbs. Her sister (and maid of honor) Jessica went as well. The four of us girls drove down together in a horrible storm that followed us the entire way. We got to the hotel at about 11pm after driving through rain and major lightning.

But the next morning was a clear spring day and the shower was lovely! Adam has a very large family, so there were just a few aunts and cousins and friends at the shower. Not sure where Adam and Stef are going to put all their gifts in their Chicago apartment. I’ve been in the same predicament – I’m still trying to consolidate boxes from my wedding two years ago.

Nothing fun to report from this Memorial Day weekend – I spent all weekend doing homework. So I’m actually pretty glad this weekend is wrapping up and I have a 4 day week that will hopefully go by quickly. Three more weeks of school folks! Plus, I’m looking forward to celebrating my 2-year wedding anniversary!