toddler talk

Here are some of the silly things this girl has been saying lately:

When Drew brings her home from school she comes running in yelling “Mommy mommy mommy I went on the potty!” or “Hi Mommy, I came back!”

Or in the morning she’ll come running into my room yelling “Hi Mommy! I was sleeping!”

We watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time and Harper was not prepared for the surprise twist at the end when Beast turned back into a human. She was quite upset, crying “My beast!” For weeks afterward she’d say “Beast turned into a boy.”

She loves the movie and soundtrack to Annie (the 80’s version) and sings “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, only a day awake!”

If Maeby is on the counter: “Get down Maeby! Silly cat!”

Me: “Harper, what do you want to be when you grow up? A scientist?”
Harper: “No”
Me: “An engineer?”
Harper: “No”
Me: “A ballerina?”
Harper: “Yes!”

Me: “Harper, are you my chick-a-bee-bee?”
Harper: “I not a chick-a-bee-bee!! I’m a girl!”

Me: “Harper, are you my daughter?”
Harper: “No, I’m Harper Cate!”

Points to my belly and says “Baby brother in there? Baby brother get big?”

She sometimes isn’t so keen on brushing her teeth (I think she’s learning ways to stall bedtime), but on the nights she’s on point, she does it all by herself and says “Harper make happy choice!” And when I say she wants to do it all by herself, you better not even help her open the drawer or she will close it just so she can open it herself. “No, I do it!” is probably her most often used phrase right now.

When I ask her to put her shoes on, she’ll say “No, I have my feet!”

Randomly, while we were eating at Panera Bread one day, she said loudly “Daddy has a butt chin!”

She calls mini Reese’s peanut butter cups “baby muffins.”

When it’s 60 degrees out, she’ll demand her hat and mittens, but when it’s 30 degrees out she does not want her mittens. Oh wait, she wants her mittens now that you’re in the car pulling out of the driveway.

When we’re outside and she looks up to find the moon, she’ll squeal “My moon!” Yes, she thinks the moon is hers.

She’ll sing random songs that I assume she learns at school. Recently it was “Three little hot dogs sitting in a van…” I have no idea…

Whenever you ask her what she wants for dinner it’s always “Noodles and salad!” or “Noodles and shrimp!” This kid loves shrimp.

She can say big words like hippopotamus but she still calls an owl a “hoo hoo”. She has an owl nightlight and at bedtime says “turn my hoo hoo on!”

She likes to have “I love you” battles where she yells “I love YOU!” and we say it back and she says it back even louder.

And the best is when she gives me her biggest smile, hugs me and says “Harper so happy!”